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Think less, feel more! It's deluxe version of the door sex swing, it's not only very easy to use, you and your partner will have a lot of fun than before, but also very comfortable and incredible for you.

 It's convenient to carry, and you can play it everywhere have a door, such as hotel, home, etc.

Very easy to operate:

- Drape metal tubes over the top of the open door.

- Close and lock the door.

- Lower leg straps so that your lover can slide their thighs through the lower loops.

- Allow your lover to slide their arms through the upper loops, have them hold onto the handles for extra safety. Adjust the straps to a comfortable height. 

Included: Fully Adjustable Door Sex Swing W/ Padded Seat 2 metal door Jam tubes 2 upper & 2 lower loops.


Materials: Nylon, Plastic & Metal


SKU#: AM078

Deluxe Door Sex Swing

SKU: AM078
$43.95 Regular Price
$35.16Sale Price
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