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Highly recommend trying this series, as most of user left review that it's great and they would recommend it to a friend. It's made of dual-density silicone, is soft and realistic on the outside, and perfectly hard on the inside, making it the most realistic penis dong ever made! The defined head and bulging veins (w/ realistic color) make its look and feel just like the real thing.

Harness compatible. Self-love is self-care, let's restocking your self-care must-haves.

It's body-safe and non-porous which makes it easy-to-clean and gives them a longer lasting durability.


Material: Silicone


Texture: Realistic Color:


Tan (Colour May Vary)


Length: 8-1/2 inches Insertable Length: 6-1/4 inches Diameter: + / - 1.5 inches 


SKU #: AM107

Fly - 8-1/2" Realistic Silicone Dong With Balls

SKU: AM107
$45.45 Regular Price
$36.36Sale Price
Only 3 left in stock
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